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Malibu X-Caliber Kayak

Meticulously designed, the X-Caliber was molded with a unique hull shape that will enable even the most water-fearing kayakers to feel comfortable.  

What makes the X-Caliber most appealing is its Gator Hatch, which is extra seating at the front of the kayak that is suitable for bringing younger family members out on the water with you. Even if you don’t need the extra seat, the gator hatch can still be flipped open to use for additional storage space. In addition, it has a center rectangular hatch with storage bag. The X-Caliber has a sleek hull design and is quite lightweight for a kayak of its length, which makes transportation simpler. To make it even easier to move around, the kayak also has side carry handles.

Featuring two rear rod holders along with a transducer mount for your fish finder, this kayak is for the water from the get go. The molded cup holder in front of the seat is there to keep your beverage secured while you cruise around and rear bungee storage increases the cargo capacity of the kayak.
Overall this is a decent option if you want to take a younger family member, who might not be ready for their own kayak, out with you, but don’t want to invest in a tandem kayak.



  • Dry Seating
  • Incredibly Stable
  • Tank well
  • Extra large cockpit area
  • An amazing 400 lbs.weight capacity



  • Day play
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling exploring
  • Nature watching
  • Fitness
  • Light touring


  • Length: 12'6"
  • Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Width: 31”
  • Depth: 12”
  • Footrests: Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Seating 1-2
  • Max. load: 400 lbs.

Malibu Kayaks

X-Caliper $856